THE JUMP 1 From Screenwriter/Ringo Award-Winner Rylend Grant

Created by Rylend Grant

A kick-you-in-the-teeth paranoid thriller set in the world of astral projection from the creator of Action Lab's ABERRANT and BANJAX.

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about 2 years ago – Fri, Jul 03, 2020 at 11:14:47 PM

Hey all,

  I just wanted to thank you very sincerely for all the love and support this past month. Coming from the traditional publishing world, I had some reservations about make the jump (pun intended) to Kickstarter, but you guys have made it such a fun and rewarding experience... I honestly can't wait to do it again.

I'm going to take a short respite here for the holiday weekend, but I'll be back early next week with more news. I'm told that your payments should be processed very soon, so make sure all your credit card info is current with kickstarter. Once we're over that hump, I'll start contacting folks for commision and draw-me-in references. The backer surveys will come soon after that.

If you have questions or concerns in the meantime, please don't hesitate to flip me a message. You might also want to follow me on social media for more info/hi jinx:



Thanks so much again for everything guys. Talk soon. Stay safe.


Three days left! And a $13K gift from the fine folks at PopCultHQ!
about 2 years ago – Wed, Jul 01, 2020 at 09:05:31 AM

Hey all,

  We hit the $13K mark this morning! And so, it's now time for that next stretch goal reveal... we've teamed up with our friends over at PopCultHQ - my favorite comic book/pop culture site on the planet - to offer you something REALLY amazing.

Remember that you're already getting Aberrant #1 and Banjax #1 with your pledge... you're already getting twelve more comic issues as part of our BONUS DIGITAL EXTRAVAGANZA... and you're already getting that handsome print by artist Fabio Alves. That's 15 COMIC ISSUES AND A PRINT FOR ONE PLEDGE (tell a friend).

Well, Jason Bennett - the editor over there at PopCultHQ - has found a unique way to sweeten this pot even further. Jason and his team are offering all backers of the $20 tier & higher the chance to score one of TEN SIGNED GRAPHIC NOVELS.



AfterShock Comics’ BLACK-EYED KIDS Vol. 1 TPB signed by writer Joe Pruett

  • BLACK MUMBA OGN signed & sketched by writer Ram V
  • Trade paperback of ABERRANT Season One – SIGNED by creator/writer Rylend Grant
  • Trade paperback of BANJAX Season One – SIGNED by creator/writer Rylend Grant

We're so grateful to Jason and the team for putting this unique reward together. We're also, obviously very grateful to you for all of the support. Our next stretch goal activates at $16,000. Tell a friend, share on social media and help us get there, huh?

THREE DAYS LEFT! It's going to be a fun week!

Talk soon! Stay safe out there!


P.S. - Here are some other projects I've had my eye on lately. Check them out...


SCIONS is a sci-fi supernatural magical (and in parts comedic) tale of a strange superhero, Genies and Demons (who won't stop goofing around) in a post-apocalyptic futuristic world (and parallel universes). It's BLADE RUNNER meets AVATAR and THE MATRIX… with Armageddon just itching to happen.

Creator Lewis Alsamari is also an author with the world's biggest publisher - The Penguin Random House Group - who published his life story: OUT OF IRAQ (a.k.a. ESCAPE FROM SADDAM) about his escape from Saddam Hussein's army and military intelligence. He fled, was shot in the leg, crossed the desert alone into Jordan at night, fled again to S.E. Asia, returned to the UK (where he grew up as a child), trained as a British lawyer (but hated it!), then pursued his inner-calling to be an author, screenwriter and creator of comics, graphic novels and TV animation. He was the lead actor in Universal Studios Oscar nominated movie UNITED 93 and worked with Matt Damon on the movie GREEN ZONE.

Monster Matador: Tango of the Matadors #1

Set in a near future where monsters appeared suddenly and without warning, bringing death and destruction. Ramon Alejandro Estévez-Guerrero roams the earth fighting these monsters in memory of his late wife and to make a better world for his daughter – he is the MONSTER MATADOR!

Duplicant 1-3: A Dystopian Biopunk Thriller

TV Writer Karla Nappi's latest and greatest, DUPLICANT,  is a pulse-pounding sci-fi mystery about a scientist who becomes a victim of his own technology. It's "Minority Report" meets "Repo: The Genetic Opera."

about 2 years ago – Wed, Jul 01, 2020 at 08:56:42 AM

Hey all,

  We're closing in on 48 hours to go and it's looking like 300 backers and $15,000 is a very real possibility. If you could tell a friend or share the campaign via social media during this final stretch, it'd be a really big help. And thanks so much again for all of your support.

I wanted to highlight a couple of our cooler premium tiers here just in case you were mulling over an upgrade in these closing hours. The thing I love most about the Kickstarter experience is how interactive it is, creators with readers. We wanted to do that justice and so we thought long an hard about how we could could actually bring the reader into the creative experience and, in some cases, into the actual story. So, we came up with a number of ways to do just that...


Pledge this tier and we will actually put your face/likeness on any of our 4 covers (you choose).


Here's your chance to score a cameo in the book! Fabio will draw you into an actual scene in THE JUMP #1.


Here's your chance to score a more prominent speaking role in the book! Fabio will draw you in as a supporting character in THE JUMP #1 and WE'LL GIVE YOU LINES OF DIALOGUE.


We will write and draw an original 5-page story that takes place in the universe of THE JUMP that stars YOU as the protagonist!

Not bad, huh?


I sat down this weekend with Chad Burdette of the Albany Times Union's Comic's Multiverse blog to discuss all things THE JUMP. Check that out HERE.

Talk soon! Stay safe out there!


Before I go...


Here are some other campaigns that caught my eye recently. You should check them out...


CREMISI returns with ISSUE 4: RENEE. In the fourth installment of the series, we welcome a new main character to the crew of the Purgatory. Check out the critically-acclaimed space-western featuring the first ever comic cover by Artgerm Collectibles team member Eric Chen. 

It is Celestial Year 3731. Mankind, along with a plethora of other races, now regularly sail the celestial seas in search of resources, power, and adventure. Unless... you're Captain Shay of the Purgatory. With little regard for well... anything, Shay spends most of his time hunting down his next drink.

After a close run in with space pirates, Shay tracks down a rumored genius starship mechanic to get the Purgatory patched up. He's soon greeted with the fiery-tempered Renee who's mechanical skills are rivaled only by her virtuosic use of certain four-letter words. The cost of having his ship repaired turns out to be the least of Shay's worries when he gets pulled into a feud between Renee and the local mob. With the Purgatory in no shape to takeoff, there's no escape this time!


What if gods existed in 80's New York City? What if someone was killing them?

FALLEN #2 is a 22 page, full colour second issue of an ongoing series printed on standard American sized comic format on high quality paper.  Fallen will blend the genres of mysteryand fantasy by creating a thrilling mythological detective story. The story takes place in the vibrant, synth-pop filled era of the 1980's in the loud, crowded streets of New York City.

Where we left with FALLEN #1, the Godfather himself Zeus was murdered right in front of his ward Casper Clay. The criminal world of deities was sent reeling at the news of an immortal god being taken out. While the Greek family is scrambling to react, Casper's life is sent spiraling as he is expelled from his previous life and exiled from the world he once served...

about 2 years ago – Sun, Jun 28, 2020 at 06:12:14 PM

Hey all,

  Hope the weekend is treating you well. I just wanted to check in quickly and let you all know that we hit 250 backers today. Quite the milestone. The campaign ends on Thursday night. This final week is going to be epic. Much more stretch goal fun to come, so please tell a friend, huh?

Stay safe out there!


P.S. Before I go, I wanted to highlight two projects that caught my eye this week...

Digitopia 1 + 2

Digitopia is a pre-apocalyptic action adventure story of a father and daughter trying to survive in a civilisation that is imploding, where everyone from the army, society and bounty hunters are out to get them.

We tackle some pretty hard hitting issues in these books including the rise of the hard right, fake wars and the brutality of the state, fake news and what drives media biases, all encapsulated in a super high adrenaline action adventure - think 'The Matrix' meets 'The Running Man'.


Night Wolf #1-4

Born into the outcast breed of werewolves known as the Monoki, eighteen-year-old Rodney Marcelli is reluctantly thrown into an ancient war between good and evil in today's world where the line has blurred. With the help of Snow Paw, the Pureblood Monoki, and the supernatural evil slayer, Night Hunter, Rod must learn to master his newly found lycanthropy and mysterious kinetic energy power that only he possesses. Rod must fight the Dark Covenant in order to avenge his friends and family, and to save the girl he loves from the master vampire, Lord Malice. Rodney Marcelli is Night Wolf!

about 2 years ago – Sat, Jun 27, 2020 at 11:50:10 AM

Hey all,

  With just a week left, we're humming... sitting at 240 backers and $12,552. I'll have that $13K stretch goal reveal and another podcast appearance to share before Monday is upon us, but I wanted to highlight a couple of our really amazing original art tiers here just in case you were thinking about making a pledge upgrade. 


Score a one-of-a kind piece of original hand-drawn art from Fabio Alves. These are A5 format (roughly 6x8 inches) and feature characters from THE JUMP.


Got something you want drawn? Well, then why not commission JUMP/BANJAX artist Fabio Alves to draw you an original B&W pin up? You pick the subject matter. Anything goes.


Got something you want drawn? Fabio will still do it, but why not go the extra mile and have your piece rendered in full, beautiful color? Again, you pick the subject matter. Again, anything goes.

A few shout-outs before I let you go today. Some friends have some really intriguing campaigns running right now:

Le Fay #3

"Imprisoned in her mystical sleep for fifteen hundred years, give or take, Morgan Le Fay has been discovered & restored to a shadow of her former glory by a cabal of powerful beings calling themselves the Triple Moon. For no less than thirteen years, Le Fay will serve this group, and at the end of that service she will be given the means by which she can restore her power. Until that time, she will be their trouble shooter, on call 24/7, no job too big or too small. The Triple Moon’s very own private investigator." Paul- Pullbox Reviews

This is a modern take on the classic villain from Arthurian legend brought into the present in an urban setting. Ever wonder what Jessica Jones would be like if she happened to be a powerful sorceress? That's Le Fay in a nutshell.

New to Le Fay? Read 10 pages of issue 1 HERE.

Kia Wordsmith - Issue 2

Kia Wordsmith lives in city where Magic and Science work in harmony, a city that has known peace for centuries. A city now at war. Bored by the city's attempts to carry on as normal Kia searches for excitement, and even welcomes a little danger.

In the Kickstarter funded first issue (Kia Wordsmith Issue 1) we saw how this leads to her stealing from a wizard. Issue 2 picks up right where that one left off with 25 colour story pages, once again illustrated by the very talented Ian Ashcroft.


Jesse is a spook. Her latest foreign mission has landed her in a death trap. She saw something she wasn’t supposed to and now her “assignment", a Warlord, wants her dead. Jesse learns from her boyfriend, Blake, that the warlord knows he is bound for Hell when he dies and his philosophy is it's best to rule Hell than just be there to suffer. The Warlord has turned to necromancy to build an army of souls to take Hell. Will Jesse and Blake be able to stop him? Or will they join the Warlord's ranks of hell-bound souls...

Necromantic is a new 144 page graphic novel. An action packed thriller with a steaming-hot love story that not even death can stop.

The Kickstarter includes a virtual convention with the creators, as well as online masterclasses with the writer and artists.

Stay safe! Talk soon!