THE JUMP 1 From Screenwriter/Ringo Award-Winner Rylend Grant

Created by Rylend Grant

A kick-you-in-the-teeth paranoid thriller set in the world of astral projection from the creator of Action Lab's ABERRANT and BANJAX.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

$12K! AND a little love from Bleeding Cool
over 1 year ago – Wed, Jun 24, 2020 at 11:55:21 AM

Hey all,

  We passed the $12K mark over the weekend and are currently steamrolling towards that $13K stretch goal. Reveal on that coming soon.

In other news, the fine folks at Bleeding Cool - one of the biggest and baddest comic sites in the land - surprised me with a very enthusiastic write up on THE JUMP this morning. Click the pic below and have a look:

Great write up. I don't know about you guys, but I also suddenly REALLY want some chewing gum???

A few shout-outs before I let you go today. Some friends have some really intriguing campaigns running right now:

Beastlands #1-5

Beastlands is an action adventure story set in a beautiful medieval fantasy world, where some people have companion beasts known as "Keepers".

In Beastlands you'll go on an adventure with a group of 3 teenage friends, Mac, Ava and Ping. They're on a journey to find out what Mac's father, an explorer, was trying to discover before he disappeared. On this quest their friendships will be put to the test all while a tyrannical King looks to outlaw Keepers from the land.

Who will love Beastlands?

  • Fans of Pokemon, Digimon, Game of Thrones, Monster Hunter, The Witcher, How to Train your Dragon, The Last Airbender and other fantasy worlds filled with unique creatures.
  • Fans of comics like Saga, Isola, Seven to Eternity, Deadly Class, Coda, Extremity, Middlewest and Low.
  • People who like the beautiful films by Studio Ghibli and their wonderous stories and worlds.
  • If you like comics with a charming fantasy world, with BEAUTIFUL ART and a heartful, genuine, emotional and impactful story.

This one just earned that coveted PROJECT WE LOVE tag from Kickstarter and they have some REALLY GREAT early bird deals for the next 48 hours or so, so GET ON IT!


One of the bloodiest battles in the history of warfare - collides with an ancient and hungry evil. WAR IS HELL.

Madius Comics and Mad Robot Comics are proud to present Hell In Stalingrad - the first collaboration between writers Rob Jones (Griff Gristle, Tragic Tales of Horrere, Paperbacks and Inkstains) and Matt Hardy (Murder Most Mundane, Cadavers, Last Exit to Brighton).

With an eye catching cover by 2000AD and Battle Tanks artist P.J. Holden - and gritty, realistic art from Horrere alumni Russell MacEwan.

Hell in Stalingrad is an 80-page pulp horror graphic novel, in the vein of classic war story comics such as DC Thomson's Commando. It is a complete story, told in one A5 sized collection - utilsing black and white and single colour artwork.

Set in the midst of the Battle of Stalingrad - with the Soviet Kessel slowly engulfing the German forces. We follow the story of a German soldier, Ernst, andVassily, his Russian counterpart, as they must set aside vast ideological differences in a bid to thwart an otherworldly threat.

Retro Sci-Fi Tales #9

Retro Sci-Fi Tales is an anthology comic in the style of Heavy Metal and 2000AD. Each issue is packed full of amazing stories and fantastic art, by dozens of high calibre creators.

View alien worlds through a telescope at the 1878 'World's Fair' in Paris, see Swashbuckling Heroes battle giant monster fish in the underwater depths of an alien planet, discover why soulless 'hollow' people wander city streets in the aftermath of nuclear war, watch a futuristic submarine attempt to rescue holidaymakers from a volcano island resort, join gangster robot thugs in grungy urban ghettos, and marvel at the world's most powerful Human Cannonball - all this and more in issue #9 of Retro Sci-Fi Tales.

Stay safe out there, guys!


Write up on and shout outs from friends
over 1 year ago – Sat, Jun 20, 2020 at 11:39:52 AM

Hey all,

  THE JUMP received a really nice write up from Malissa White over at yesterday...

Here's the gist if you're not into clicking links...

"A great story with great art."

"A meticulous, well-thought out world."

"Timely commentary."

"It should come as no surprise that Grant’s writing far exceeds expectations."

"I love it when a story offers a good mystery, but knows how to pull the rug out from under us in the end."

Well, we'll go ahead and call that one a rave.

Also, our friend and comic-book-editor-extraordinaire Steve Colle gave us a really incredible shout on facebook this morning that I thought was worth sharing:

It's wonderful for us to read stuff like this, obviously... but also, endorsements like this make all the difference in the crowdfunding game. A campaign lives or dies based on word of mouth. We count on folks telling other folks. We're sitting at 215 backers and $11,480 as I type this... and its because of people like Steve and people like you... so, tell a friend!

Thanks so much again for all the love and support here.

Stay safe out there!


P.S. - A few shout-outs before I let you go today. Some friends have some really intriguing campaigns running right now:

Our Final Halloween 1-3

Our Final Halloween is a horror comic inspired by the likes of HP Lovecraft and John Carpenter. Starting on Halloween 1984 a group of teens find themselves covered in blood, disorientated, and with no short-term memory. What follows is a tale of horror, mystery, and suspense, as our plucky young protagonists try to unravel the horrors of Our Final Halloween.

OFH just received that coveted PROJECT WE LOVE designation from Kickstarter, so this is one you definitely want to take a look at.


Super-Villains in a mega-prison in one book. Super-Heroes from Ireland in a second book. 2 books that are sure to entertain everyone!

BIG HOUSE BLUES - Gatesville, Texas. The Mega-Villain Reformatory. It is in here, in this domicile of concrete and twisted steel, that we find some of the deadliest mega villains humanity has to offer. Stripped of their unnatural abilities, along with their freedom, due to the power dampening collars bounded upon their necks. The quote, “stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage", never rang more true thanks to the innovative polarized bars that keep each cell's occupant in place.

Within this prison, nicknamed the Devils Den, the mega-powered correction officers are all that stand between a nervous public and some of the greatest evils the world has ever seen. Among those officers is Lee Coleman, otherwise known as Officer Alloy, chief guard in this deadly high security mega villain prison.

THE SQUAD - an Irish tale of seeming tragedy and mystery... when a megahero of the people goes MIA, his sidekick son must step up and try to uncover what exactly is going on. However, his father's covert life raises more questions than it provides answers.

Kevin Tully, AKA Straw Boy, is our hapless hero, who through deep digging and dedication, introduces us to a myriad of Irish megaheroes, set on a backdrop of a city and county at civil war.

How do our collection of heroes fit into this fast paced plot of societal unrest? You 

can discover more, in the pages of... The SQUAD!

Midseason One of Class6 an LGBTQ Heroes Comic Series

12 Latin artists have teamed up to create a comic series featuring a team of 6 LGBTQ heroes (Class6) whose fates are interconnected by an unforeseen force. Their mission is to defend vulnerable LGBTQ persons from hatred across the globe.

Here they've combined the first 6 issues into a 280 page MEGA "Midseason One" special. Check it out.

$11K and 200 Backers!
over 1 year ago – Fri, Jun 19, 2020 at 09:34:35 AM

Hey all,

  I just wanted to let you all know that we officially passed the 200 backer and $11,000 marks yesterday. Thanks so much again for your support. That $13K stretch goal is now firmly in our sights. Reveal coming on that soon.

Stay safe out there!


P.S. Before I let you go I wanted to point you towards another project that caught my eye...

The Agency #1-6

The Agency is Harry Potter meets Mission Impossible minus the wands!  Follow Riley Dean a young mage and his journey into the International Agency of Magic.

This one was recently funded and is now onto stretch goals. Only 8 days left to give this one a whirl, so don't miss out!

BDE Update - Duplicant by Karla Nappi
over 1 year ago – Thu, Jun 18, 2020 at 08:27:56 PM

We're likely to hit 200 backers and $11,000 in the next 24 hours. Truly exceptional milestones there. Thanks so much again for all the love and support! I thought I'd give you guys another peek today at what's coming to all of you in that BONUS DIGITAL EXTRAVAGANZA. Each and every backer will now receive:

DUPLICANT #1 by Karla Nappi

Set in the future during a pandemic of organ failure, a scientist becomes a victim of his own life-saving technology.

DUPLICANT came from Karla's love of dystopian future movies like Minority Report, Blade Runner, and a little known movie called Repo: The Genetic Opera. The idea of repo men for organs struck a creative chord in her, and she decided to do her own unique twist on it.

In DUPLICANT, the organs are manufactured. This idea came from Karla's interest in science, and specifically nanotechnology and 3D printing. The cost of these manufactured organs is so high that you’re essentially sold to the highest bidder to pay off the debt. The human organ trade is illegal.

This one is another GREAT read folks. Hard hitting and prescient.

Karla is also currently running a kickstarter campaign for Issue 3 of the series. It just earned the coveted PROJECT WE LOVE designation. Check that out here:

Talk soon! Stay safe!


A few shout-outs before I let you go today. Some friends have some really intriguing campaigns running right now:

Mythic Creature Trainer Issue #1


Mythic Creature Trainer #1 is an action-packed, full-colour 48-page fantasy adventure comic about training dragons and dealing with troubles at home and at work!

The king’s dragon trainer is fired for accidentally unleashing a mutating corruption on the royal stables. Now, he must save his job and his reputation by finding a long-lost cure before the advancing orc horde takes advantage of this new weakness in the kingdom’s defenses.

Warlock 5 Omnibus 

This is a collection of the entire legendary 1980's run of Warlock 5 from Den Beauvais and Gordon Derry collected into one big, fat, 380 page hardcover omnibus!

Nearly all the artwork has been scanned and retouched from THE ORIGINAL ARTWORK and will be printed on premium paper to truly showcase how stunning Den Beauvais' artwork truly is. The original run was printed on very thin, low quality newsprint, so this will show the art as it was truly intended to be seen.

Created by Den Beauvais and Gordon Derry, Warlock 5 was published by Barry Blair, a Canadian comic book publisher, artist, and writer, known for launching Aircel Comics in the 1980s. A fierce  advocate for innovation in the themes, genres, and types of illustrations, Blair helped to bring titles to life that broke the narrative and graphic boundaries at the time — including Warlock 5.

Bonus Digital Extravaganza Update
over 1 year ago – Wed, Jun 17, 2020 at 11:40:57 AM

Hey all,

  We're cruising along nicely here in JUMPland. I wanted to let you guys know that the BONUS DIGITAL EXTRAVAGANZA is building out quite nicely. You're going to end up with a really nice pile of books when this campaign ends. I'll introduce you to them slowly but surely over these next few weeks. First up, is issue 1 of one of my very favorite titles:

Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter by Russell Novelty

Ichabod Jones is a critically acclaimed, original comic book series that follows the exploits of an insane and fundamentally deranged mental patient that escapes from a maximum security asylum to rid the world of monsters during the apocalypse with the (usually unwelcome) help of the omniscient, impatient, and authoritative voice in his head.

The project came out digitally in 2012 to great reviews. Here's just a small sample of them:

  • "...five of five stars, it is awesome and well worth getting...this one is well worth the couple of bucks you will spend. Overall truly fun to read, and extraordinarily well done. I need to go find the physical copy of this comic book so I can add it to my own library."- Comics Forge
  • "Nohelty does a wonderful job pacing this series, letting the second half of issue 2 take you full steam into Ichabod’s insanity (or maybe reality). There simply is no middle ground. When trapped with other asylum members, both alive and dead, Ichabod devises a way out of entrapment that relies on the literal “intestinal” fortitude of a slayed “monster” to give then a lifeline of hope out of their pit of despair (for the obtuse, he climbs out of trouble using entrails – damn you obtuse and your obtuseness). Issue three becomes even more insane; once outside of entrapment Ichabod and his followers find a deserted wasteland (i.e. welcome to the apocalypse, kids). From here things just get stranger with Dune-like sandworms and a town that seems to be anything but salvation."- Ain't It Cool News
  • ."..I’m glad I got the chance to read Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter. The journey is a strange one but I couldn’t help but be enthralled the entire time." - My Comic Network
  • "IJ: MH is not just a visually cool-frightening book to look at. It’s pretty mental too." - Buy Indie Comics

This one is a GREAT read folks. I promise you'll instantly be made a fan. And once you are, be sure to check out to check out everything else Russell is up to. He's got an extensive catalogue of incredible comics and novels that's really worth digging into and he runs all sorts of amazing how-to courses for writers and marketers.

Russel is also currently running a kickstarter campaign for his Summer slate of Sci-Fi novels. It just earned the coveted PROJECT WE LOVE designation. Check that out here:

Talk soon! Stay safe!


A few shout-outs before I let you go today. Some friends have some really intriguing campaigns running right now:

Glasscity Comics

This story is set 100 years in the future, in the city of Glasburgh, or to use the local nickname, Glasscity, which in turn is based on Glasgow, Scotland. Gabriel (Gabe) Gatti is a Glasburgh detective.  It's been five years since the disappearance of his daughter and he still has no clue as to who or what has taken her. When a case mirrors his own, Gabe and his partner Jacob dive head first into the darker part of an already dark city.  Everything they thought they knew about the city is about to change.

If you like the narration of Rorschach and the ramblings of Mark then this is the series for you.

Zombies We're Human Too - Volume Two

Zombies We're Human Too is a 100 page graphic novel that tells Zombie stories BEFORE an HOW they became Zombies. Fans of Nation, Zombieland and The Walking Dead will LOVE this one!

Justice - The Fall

The story of Justice is one of sacrifice. Justice is an archangel of the highest order and the Left Hand of God, but he left the eternal paradise of Heaven.  He battled through the Firmament and descended to  Earth to find the Voice of Elohim. The fate of existence hangs in the balance and Othniyel, the angel known as Justice stands against the abyss.

Issue #1 sees Justice among the rooftops of Las Sombras, the City of  Shadows, where gambling meets the sea. The days grow darker and evils that once hid in the shadows prowl the streets. With his quest weighing heavily on his mind, Justice intervenes when a gang of Children of the Night gives into their bloodlust.

They're offering some cool prints and sculptures as rewards: